Wednesday, 29 September 2010

What Is Wong With The World

I think that the politicians aren't good enough for this country. School’s are wrong. Police are lying.

All adverts to do with 3rd world countries, in particularly the ones that make you think that the 3rd world countries should be just like Britain and that they should not look after their baby brother or sister
and that they should not be strong and helpful and instead that they should spend all their time at school. Also people who have been there often say that they are really happy but we have all this stuff and most of us aren’t happy, yet we insist that other countries are the same.

Politicians are incompetent, well most of them, the government is highly incapable of running the country, in my opinion the current one is slightly better but still isn't good enough the conservatives and the liberals or as i prefer to call them ConDem.
I am glad that ED BALLS didn't win at the labour party conference 2010. I am up set that he came 3rd. I do not like ED BALLS because he started a War on home education.
Here’s what happened at the conference:
I am glad that Diane Abbott didn’t win because she is so much better when she’s on This Week, I think she’s great on it.

School’s are unable to work, you can’t control what other people learn. In my opinion, you have to learn the way a baby learns to talk and walk, we can have help but we need to do it ourselves. We don't learn how to walk by being taught sitting down in a classroom we learn at are own pace

The police they are lying to us all the time, for instance:

More abuse goes on at school than in home education. ED BALLS used the death of a inocent girl, Kiyra Ishaq. Here is a blog post that will inform you more:

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